Where to start on Marketplace?

Most Online Marketplace Platforms Start trading for free No application fee therefore suitable for sellers who do not want to invest or have no money to start a business Which with the trading method that can Drop Off is when receiving a product order Order products from other stores to deliver. So you don’t have to have money or invest

a single baht to be able to make profits on the Marketplace. Unlike normal offline or retail formats, in addition to having to have products to display, in order to sell, you have to rent panels, rent locks, pay monthly rent. many years as well

However, in Lazada and Shopee, the competition is fierce, and the platform charges a fee for shipping. This makes it possible to set a selling price in the hope of making a profit from selling a single item. It can’t be that easy. So you need to have a strategy to sell products. by having to know how to sell products at 3 levels, namely low, medium

and high prices, by using low-priced products as a lure for customers to see our store, then use middle-priced products to compete and find high-priced products to sell In order to generate sales, this will be able to generate more profits. Always join the campaign and increase sales as quickly as required by the platform to be able to

become a recommended shop This will make it easier for customers to access and order your store.

For Facebook Marketplace, it will be different. Most of the customers on this platform will like the actual product images. When to upload pictures Therefore, you should find the real product to come down. For that price may be set according to preference, however, it should not be too high You should also check your competitors. What is the

selling price? And to cover Facebook users across the country, you may post a single product on a provincial basis. If selling the same product Choose to use 77 different images to post and choose unique provinces until the whole country. It will increase the sales of your products more.