What do slots do for our neighbors?

Abroad there is a lot of interest in placing bets. like Cambodia with planning and focus on slot games such as

1. Cambodia aims to build more casinos in 30 places

2. Income only from casino tax Cambodia collects nearly 20 million US dollars each year.

3. Casinos in Cambodia have slot machines. And other gambling machines, totaling more than 2,500 machines with more than 800 gambling tables to accommodate more players.

4. Casino is the national strategy of Cambodia. and among the casinos located in Cambodia with Thai partners included and it is predicted that Thai people Try to become the owner of a casino in Koh Kong as a whole.

5. Casinos are Cambodia’s main source of income. Cambodia’s Mekong River Basin is a country where casinos are allowed to open. and most commercial banks in less than 15 years by the Cambodian government under The leadership of the forever leader, Hun Sen, do not include informal gambling. smuggled open by influential people of Cambodia, dozens

Did you know that Thailand is not only surrounded by Cambodian casinos, but Myanmar has 5 legal casinos, and Laos has 3 at the border of Boten, Kha? Paradise Nam Ngum Casino Resort built in the district of the Nam Ngum Dam of Vientiane which is the same owner network with a large casino

a business group in Malaysia and the largest casino in Phnom Penh As for Malaysia, which is adjacent to the Thai border It is adjacent to the Savan Seno Special Economic Zone, Malaysia.

It can be seen that Thailand is surrounded by casinos in all directions around our country. and even though there are Thai investors that turned to invest in legal casinos with these countries But Thailand still has the same policy. There is no change in permissions. to open a casino in Thailand by Thais to maintain the image Tourism is the main source of income for Thailand. Not losing to casinos

in neighboring nations But the future is uncertain. whether Thailand will open or not because there have been many times that the executives of our country There was a debate about opening a casino. We will have to look at each other for a long time to see where our Thai direction is going.