What are the disadvantages of free credit?

Many people may question whether That is free credit, why are there still people who don’t want to claim it? Did we say that? Free credit has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the person. Players that players can use it properly or not, most of which Disadvantages of free credit are found as follows

1. Cannot be withdrawn This is a major problem. with getting free credit because when you bring free credit used to play When you’ve made a profit, you want to withdraw, but the admin says You cannot withdraw because you have not reached your turnover balance. therefore Before you claim that free credit You must read the details before the promotion that you request specifying how much you have to make Especially if you get free credits. quite a lot compared to the money that you

deposit to the withdrawal conditions will be more difficult the than free credit Deposit form therefore If you are requesting free credit, we recommend that you read the details. To withdraw clearly Before you request

2. Deposit a lot, get back with less credit Many people may ask why when we deposit money, promotions that we can deposit money in hundreds or thousands, get credit back less than For example, if you deposit less, you will deposit 30 and get 70 free credits, totaling 100, equal to 70% of the deposit, but if you deposit more, you will get free credit from 10 to 50 percent. If you deposit a lot, the percentage of free credit will be less and less. but do you know that the percentage of free

credit is lower it is equal to You must complete the turnover? Less, Therefore, the more you deposit, the more likely you will withdraw at the end of the game will be very high because the turnover is there. will arrive automatically So many people are Recommended to get free credit. deposit form because it will help to increase costs really to you

3. Participated in activities but did not receive free credit In case you request free credit without deposit when you join the event Or follow that rule and you won’t get free credit. Because many admins may claim that you did it incorrectly, according to the rules, it is recommended that you try to get free credits. with the Win Big Slot website, you will get free credit When you join the event

automatically, no need to wait for the admin to reply. But if you find an admin do a proof check your done You will get more free credits coming the next day.

in each category, It will come with various problems. up to you saying Will you overlook the problem? then you have studied the details of those problems Is it clear?

which if you a person who likes little capital You will have to make up your mind. I think the opportunity that you can withdraw When you finish the game there will be less, but there’s a chance you can do it. Especially if it’s a free credit that doesn’t require a deposit. With that, the

chances of withdrawing are very low. You are encouraged to use free credits like no deposit. used to play more