New Challenges of Online Merchants Voice ordering trend is coming.

Technology continues to change human life. Just being at home, you can press your finger to order products. But that might become the past. Because at present, many big companies have developed a way to order products via voice called Voice Commerce (vCommerce).

The principle of Voice Commerce is to order products with spoken language via Voice Assistant. Process and complete the purchase process as appropriate, e.g. the user asks for a desired item. Voice Commerce will allow consumers to place an order via

voice commands instead of having to click through a website or click through an application.

Called to meet the needs of modern consumers who like convenience. This trend is gradually It evolved from cell phone searches, with Google stating that 20% of cell phone searches are done through Voice Search rather than typing. Like Chinese rivals Baidu and comScore, the rate will increase by 50% by 2020 as a result

of the trend. Big companies have been rolling out voice search functionality along with voice ordering that supports Voice Search to markets such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Home Pod, or even on popular platforms like Lazada. This feature has already been released.

In its Christmas 2018 sales summary report, Amazon said that its Alexa shopping rate has more than tripled from 2017, and OC&C Strategy Consultant estimates that voice trading in 2022 will be as high as 2022. 40 billion USD And today, 62% of US users

have used Voice Commerce to order groceries, and 35% have ordered from other retailers. Through voice commands,

Voice Commerce is a growing trend.

Even though the trend of Voice Commerce in our homes may not be booming, but Voice Commerce abroad has continued to grow. A January 2019 report by research firm CIRP revealed that as of December 2018, more than 66 million Americans installed voice

assistant devices like Alexa or Google Assistant across the country. This is a steady growth from 37 million in the same month in 2017.

Juniper Research also forecasts that the number of Voice Assistant usage will reach 8 billion annually worldwide by 2023, a roughly threefold increase from today. Consistent with Econsultancy, by 2020, voice commerce will account for half of all online searches.